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Take your Dutch to the next level with us!

Level Up Academy is an online language school specialised in Dutch lessons. Our focus is on teaching language in the most interactive and engaging way possible with the use of online tools. You'll speak, write and practise your Dutch in each of your classes so that you get the most out of the course. You will learn Dutch from scratch or take your Dutch to the next level.

Zuzanna Walter-Puylaert
Dutch Teachers And The rest of Our Team

Let's Meet

Dutch Teacher Elize
Eliza Kośnik


I am Eliza and I invite you to learn Dutch with me. I graduated from Dutch studies at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in Poland and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I have been living in Amsterdam for several years and I teach Dutch both online and offline.

My students are mainly Poles but I also teach other international students. Let me convince you that learning a language does not have to mean studying from boring books!

In my lessons I use effective and varied interactive and fun educational materials.

I always try to ensure that each of the course participants is 100% involved in the lessons. I encourage you to speak and use your knowledge in practice!

See you later! Tot snel!

Dutch Teacher
Dutch Teacher Gosia
Małgorzata Kowalczyk

Goedendag! My name is Gosia. I studied Dutch philology at the University of Wrocław and the University of Leiden. I have been living in the Netherlands for several years now. I have been teaching since my student days. I started as a volunteer tutor for children with learning difficulties and aversion to school.

Currently, I teach Dutch and Polish as a foreign language to both adults and children. What I enjoy the most about teaching is helping others to like the process of acquiring knowledge, overcome speaking barriers, enjoy learning, and put what we learn in lessons into practice.

I hope to meet you soon at one of the courses and have fun together while studying!


Dutch Teacher
Dutch Teacher Siebren
Siebren Ruijg

Hoi! My name is Siebren and I am a native Dutch teacher! A positive atmosphere is really important during my Dutch classes – as is having fun! I strive to help every student get the best out of themselves whilst familiarising themselves with Dutch. I am flexible and offer efficient language training, based on the learning needs of each student. See you soon! Tot snel!

Dutch Teacher
Dutch Teacher Michelle
Michelle Berlijn

Hi! My name is Michelle and I am excited to start the adventure of learning a new language with you! I am a Dutch native speaker with 7 years of experience teaching Dutch, in both group and individual lessons, as well as in preparation courses for the integration exam.

Thanks to my experience of living in Chile for a few years, I know how demanding it is to learn a foreign language and how it feels adapting to life in a new country. I know that during this process it is not only important to learn the language, but to also learn about a culture and adapt to a new way of thinking. I believe that learning Dutch in an interactive and fun way will help you in your everyday life in the Netherlands and Belgium! In my spare time I love creative activities: knitting, painting and drawing. I also love reading about Dutch history and Dutch art. I look forward to sharing various curiosities about the Netherlands with you.

Here you will find more information about the individual lessons with Michelle.

Dutch Teacher
Dutch Teacher Dorota
Dorota Chaberko

Hoi! Ik ben Dorota!
I started my adventure with the Dutch language in 2007 in Ghent and I continue it to this day in keeping with the concept that a person continues to learn throughout their life. I obtained my theoretical preparation at Radboud in’to Languages ​​in Nijmegen and have been improving my practical skills since 2012, when students started to accompany me on my teaching adventure.

As Paulien Cornelisse, a writer, columnist and cabaret creator, states, the Dutch language, for some, may seem unattractive because it sounds like ‘[…] a rubber boot that you are trying to pull out of thick mud. But at the same time, oh, how beautiful our language is. A language that uses words like: ‘gegniffel‘, ‘bollewangenhapsnoet‘, en ‘prietpraat‘. Of course, it is beautiful: phonetically, formatively, in fact, in every way!

All that’s left is for me to invite you to discover the charms of the Dutch language together at Level Up Academy!

Dutch Teacher
Dutch teacher Monika
Monika Mączka

Hi! My name is Monika Mączka, I originally come from Lublin, Poland where I graduated from Dutch Philology and Editing at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. After getting my diplomas and taking up my first job in Poland, I felt I was missing something.

In 2019, I decided to move to the Netherlands and settled in the charming Aalsmeer, where I live to this day. The Netherlands is a fascinating nation with a rich history and a surprising mother tongue, which I try to introduce to the students in the most accessible and interesting way.

I am fascinated by broadly understood communication, psychology – mainly the mechanics of interpersonal relations – and yoga. I love little everyday pleasures and engaging chats. I love animals, and my four-legged favorites are invariably dogs.

Dutch Teacher
Dutch teacher Karima
Karima Belhajla

My name is Karima Belhajla. I am 35 years old and I live in Heemstede. I am a sociable person and love to be with my family and friends. Photography, reading and travelling are some of my hobbies. Language teaching is an important part of my life as I started teaching at the age of 21. I am a native Dutch speaker and I teach French and Dutch. The most satisfying aspect of teaching is helping students develop their language skills and boost their self-confidence. I believe that every lesson should bring out the best in a student. Interaction, real-life situations, fun and tailor-made lessons are the important ingredients of my lessons. You will also have visual support during and after the lessons (PowerPoints, videos and PDFs). You will not only learn the language but also understand the culture better. Language is one of the most important parts of any culture and I would love to guide you on this journey!

Dutch Teacher
Dutch Teacher Merel
Merel Swemle

Hallo, I’m Merel and I live in The Hague. Dutch is my native language and I would love to share it with you. The Dutch language might not be as romantic as French, or as passionate as Spanish, but it has its own charm. That’s why I am studying Dutch language and culture at Leiden University. Prior to this, I obtained my degree as a history teacher in 2020. My teaching experience spans both the Dutch language and history and I have taught both high school students and adults.

Whether I’m teaching history or Dutch, my main priority is to create a relaxed and open ambiance, where everybody feels comfortable to speak up and interact. Interaction is so important; you learn a new language by actually using it. We practice in class, so you feel confident practicing outside of class as well. I will help make your day-to-day life in the Netherlands or Belgium that bit easier.

I look forward to teaching you my language and about my culture, and learning something about yours as well!


Dutch Teacher
Zuzanna Walter Puylaert Level Up Academy Owner
Zuzanna Walter-Puylaert
Our online language courses are aimed at expats living in the Netherlands or Belgium and those planning to move to these beautiful countries. Our mission is to teach Dutch to expats in the Netherlands and Belgium to improve their quality of life and working in these countries. By knowing the language and the culture, functioning in a country and society becomes much easier.
Our experienced teachers will teach you Dutch in small groups using interactive methods. You will learn the language, overcome language barriers and communicate more effectively in Dutch. Your quality of life in the Netherlands and Belgium will improve, as will your job opportunities.