What do our online Dutch classes look like?

How Online Dutch Classes Look like

In recent years, more people have started working online and using videoconferencing software such as Zoom and Skype. For those for whom the use of these programs is still new and for those who are curious about the details, here is a description of what our online Dutch lessons look like and which videoconferencing software we use.

What can you expect from our online language classes?

We often get questions about our online Dutch lessons. For example, what videoconferencing software do we use? For this reason, we have prepared a description of what to expect from our lessons and which programs we use. You will also learn how online lessons differ from traditional classes.

Which videoconferencing software do we use?

We use the Zoom videoconferencing program for our classes. Zoom can be downloaded onto your device, such as a laptop or computer, or you can open it in your browser via the link we send you. The Zoom program can also be used on a phone or tablet. In our experience, however, a laptop or computer works best, enabling optimal use of all the program’s functionality.

Our classes, unlike many other online learning sites, are held live. During the lesson, both the participants and the teacher can see and hear each other, but it is possible to turn off the camera and microphone if necessary.

Our course participants receive detailed instructions on how to install and use the Zoom program before the first lesson. If you are interested in exploring Zoom, you can use the trial version of the program.

How do online classes differ from traditional language lessons?

Online classes differ from classroom lessons only in that the course participants are separated from the teacher by the computer screen. During our online Dutch lessons we use presentations or a digital blackboard. Additional online materials are also available to download (instead of the traditional handouts during classroom lessons). Some of our course participants print out these online materials to make it easier to take notes. During the course, we also use traditional textbooks, but with additional materials specifically for online learning.

In our classes, as in a classroom, the teacher answers the students’ questions. Everyone can see and hear each other. Of course, a stable internet connection is essential.

You participate in the classes without leaving the comfort of your own apartment or house. So you don’t waste time or money commuting.

Who are the online language lessons for?

Online language lessons are not for everyone. Just passively participating in an online lesson will bring little reward. The motivation and readiness to actively participate in the classes is essential, as this helps to quickly improve your Dutch. Each of our course participants takes an active part in each of the lessons we conduct and receives additional tasks to carry out independently. This ensures that you have the opportunity to practice the new material you are learning.

Learning Dutch via Zoom

What is the group size in Level Up Academy courses?

At Level Up Academy, we focus on small groups of 5-7 course participants. Such small groups means we can guarantee that each student can actively participate and motivate each other to learn in each lesson.

How is knowledge tested in the online course?

As is the case with physical courses, we check knowledge using tests in our online classes, with the main difference being that the tests are also online. Towards the end of the course, participants take a mock exam to test their level and to become familiar with the format. A final test is carried out in the last lesson, after which the students can obtain a language proficiency certificate at a given level. To safeguard against cheating, every test is invigilated by a teacher who can see each of the course participants.

How will I receive the certificate?

If the final test is passed, the participant will receive a certificate of completion of the course by e-mail.

Do we use other educational programs during the courses?

Yes, in our classes we additionally use the Quizlet program to provide online flashcards. The program can be used on a laptop, computer or phone. This last option is most often preferred by our students as you can learn new words wherever you are, and whilst you are on the go.

In addition, we employ other educational programs and applications during our courses. These help the students test their knowledge in the lessons.

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